Graphik Jam Mountain Bike Racing Team Launches

Graphik Jam principal John Vandenberg has been racing mountain bikes for almost 30 years. The drive and hard work required to race, translates well to the fast and furious world of design and web development.

Getting your company name out in the world doesn’t always have to be difficult! Always looking for fun ways to promote Graphik Jam, principal and founder John Vandenberg decided to start a small mountain bike team. By putting the company name on a full uniform during races and training, John proudly flys his own flag at races throughout the midwest and beyond.

Thinking outside the box

What does graphic design have to do with bike racing? Well, plenty actually. Graphik Jam has a few long-standing clients within the bicycle industry and combining John’s two passions seemed like a natural fit. Fellow racers often ask about Graphik Jam while waiting to start, or while roaming around the pits. It’s become a great conversation starter. What or where can you expand your marketing efforts?

Let’s Work Together


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