Catalog & Rendering

With a long history as a leader and innovator in their industry, this manufacturer wanted to try something different. This catalog was for a line of products that could benefit from a different approach. The products are not large, and often can’t be photographed well due to the way they are manufactured. So by utilizing CAD files, we used advanced rendering software to create photo realistic images at much larger sizes than typical.

By using renders, the entire project was relieved of the need to work with existing photography. The products could be any size, and angle, any material based on their placement and design requirements.


Renders for all products
Design and Layout


Graphic Design
Concepts & Prototyping


Success was achieved by going through a series of different concepts for the look and feel of the catalog. Normal product catalogs in this industry are simple and utilitarian – this catalog needed to be more elegant and “higher end” in it’s image.

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While some companies have reduced their printed materials, they can still be an effective and cost-effective piece of their marketing puzzle. Let us take a look at what you are currently using, and see if we can’t give you a fresh new image.