Should you invest in online video?

More and more companies are finding that having a professional YouTube Channel with regular content really can pay off.

With the advent of mobile phones more than a decade ago, the hassle of taking quality video has largely been negated. No longer do you have to invest several thousand dollars in a semi-pro video camera, tripods, and then learn how to edit it all. So what do we have now? Trillions (well, let’s just assume it’s A LOT) of hours of videos have been shot. But what good is it if no one sees it?

More and more companies are noticing that search terms and phrases often bring up videos first – then show the websites that match the search below. Since the most popular search engine remains Google, and they also own YouTube, it’s no wonder SEO and videos seem to go hand in hand.

So where does that leave you? Well, in our experience, there are few, if any, cases where starting a YouTube channel for your business or organization, and uploading at least a few well planned and produced videos isn’t a good idea.

Think like a customer or client?

I bet if you think about it for a few minutes, you can easily find several ways videos would help get your message out to the world – quicker, and easier than any other method. A simple example might be a few training, or “how to” videos. If you constantly get emails and calls asking how to install something, or what the best way to do something with your products or services, then how about a short video? Or how about a new product you might have, or new area that you are moving into within your industry? I could go on and on with numerous ways you can get started with online video.

Who has time for that?

Actually, that’s where Graphik Jam comes in. We can sit down and help you come up with a road map. Maybe it’s just one video to get going – a brief overview of your company or organization. What you do, how you do it, and what makes you special. It can be as simple as some appropriate music and clips, mixed with typography and graphics. Or, a full fledged-company history with interviews and interesting clips from the past.

There’s no time like the present as they say. We can do the whole thing for you, in record time, and with little effort on your part. Or let us create a 6-month or more plan of action to keep regular content coming.

Let’s Work Together


Give us a hollar and see how easy joining the ever important online video world can be. Within a few weeks you can have your own channel with videos up and running. And all the benefits along with it.