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Client: Cwinski/ACC
Main Contact Person: Kelly Cwinski
Job Title: 2021 Senior Banners, 6 versions
Description: Banner art, 1 each for 6 players. Same specs as 2020.
Quantity: N/A – Files to be printed by own vendor, Wally’s Printing
Date: 3-4-2021

Please check your proofs VERY carefully!!!

Content: Every care has been taken to follow your instructions throughout the production of this job, but the final responsibility for accuracy of this proof rests with you, the client. Once you have submitted this form with an approval, you have given us the go ahead to move forward and print the job. If there are any errors on the final artwork, of any kind, which were not alerted to us prior, it is solely the client’s responsibility. Please check the proofs thoroughly as liability by Graphik Jam, Inc. is limited to corrections only as indicated PRIOR to this final proof.

Color: At Graphik Jam, Inc., we do our best to match the printed colors to the colors on our calibrated screens, however since all devices display color differently, we cannot guarantee print colors will match your screen colors exactly. This also applies to any self-printed proofs you may have examined. There is an acceptable range of color shifting that can occur with any printed piece. Our goal is to provide “acceptable” color for all pieces. Even the same piece printed at a different time can yield slightly different color shifts. Most of these variations are not noticeable to most people however.

Other: Any photographs or graphic files submitted to us should be in high-resolution. If they are not, you may see pixelation, or artifacts that occur when enlarging low-resolution images, in the final printed image.

Below is a link to the actual print-ready file(s) that will be used for printing.

Note: This is “print quality” and can be quite large. Download and review this file for final approval.


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By clicking the ‘I APPROVE’ button above and submitting this form by clicking the button below, you confirm you have thoroughly reviewed all digital proofs. You accept responsibility for this approval and hereby grant permission to proceed with printing, or, to stop production. I understand that revisions, error corrections and/or preference changes after this approval will be deemed ‘new work’ and invoiced accordingly.